Private Clients

Our experts have been successfully advising private individuals on all aspects of contingency provision and succession planning for many years. One of our main areas of expertise in this regard is making provisions for the event of death, but we also advise and support our clients in providing for extraordinary life situations, such as legal incapacity, illness, divorce, and separation. We take each client’s personal circumstances into account and develop a provision and succession concept that is tailored to his/her individual needs and family. In cross-border issues, we can rely on our network of experienced cooperation law firms abroad.

Our areas of expertise

  •  Provisions for the event of death
    • Anticipated succession / international succession planning

    • Executing/revising last wills

    • Contracts of waiver of inheritance / compulsory portion

    • Contracts of inheritance

    • Deeds of gift in the event of death

    • Drafting/revising/redrafting articles of association and declarations of foundation

    • Representation in probate proceedings

  • Provisions for the event of legal incapacity

    • Drafting healthcare proxies

    • Adapting articles of association and declarations of foundation

  • Provisions for the event of illness

    • Drafting advance healthcare directives

  • Provisions for the event of divorce/separation

    • Drafting pre-nuptial and partnership agreements

Your experts


She advises both private individuals and entrepreneurs in the following areas: